Digimon Story – Cyber Sleuth – Guide to beat Imperialdramon PM

Digimon Story - Cyber Sleuth

Hello everyone this is Ray and welcome to this little stategie: how to clear case great challange 8 and beat Imperialdrmon PM. (Paladin Mode)

Get a Starterteam with Lilithmon and two Data Digimon. You get the type advantege with Data over Vaccine. I choose MirageGaomonBM and Dynasmon.

Bring as many Revival Capsule DX and Healing Items as you can along.

It is most likely that your Lilithmon is killed, before she can make a move, so revive her as fast as you can.

With her at level 99 the skill Phantom Pain should one-hit-kill the first Imerialdramon.

The remaining two will buff if you are lucky and its your time to strike. The Data-Types do a good ammound of damage.

Its important not to hit the one in the center. It will be zero damage. Kill the two on the sides first.

If the 2nd Imperialdramon is gone you see the message „Show me your power“. Thats important, short after this he will spam interkill attacks.

Only Digimon with an ability to nullify damage will do at this point – so bring them in. Is suggest Jesmon and Craniamon.

Use their abiilities Weltgeist and Breath of Gods. And do some more damage with Lilithmon.

Now Omnisword will be spamed. Renew your shild if it’s your turn.

The attack can still turn you into sprite. So be careful, because you can’t use skills in this form.

After the Omnisword Spamming is done, you can finish him with ease.

And there you have it – you can turn in this case and make Imperialdramon PM.

Thanks for watching i hope this little guide helped and see you later.

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